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Safe Night Precinct and Scanners

Licensed venues located within Townsville’s Safe Night Precinct (SNP) who trade after midnight regularly, must scan ID’s from 10pm until close. This applies to every person wanting to enter the venue after 10pm, even if you have already been into the venue that day/night, or are a regular patron.

Why Scanners?

The Queensland Government website states, ‘Approved ID scanners are linked to an approved ID scanning system. They allow you to cross-check a person’s ID against a database of individuals who are subject to a banning order.’

This means that when you enter a venue after 10pm and your Identification is scanned, the scanner operator will have instant access to information relevant to the Safe Night Precinct – in particular, if you are currently affected by any banning orders as set by the Court or Queensland Police Service, or if you are banned from any SNP venues.

If an ID scanned shows up with a banning order, then a licensed crowd controller (ie, a Lone Wolf Security Guard) must prevent the entry of that patron to the venue. An email will also be sent to the Queensland Police Service notifying them of the attempted entry.

When will your ID be scanned?

Your ID will be scanned when you first enter a licensed venue after 10pm, and every time you re-enter after that. This means if you leave the venue for any period of time, or access toilets or smoking area outside the venue, and then wish to re-enter the venue your ID will need to be rescanned.

If you cannot produce a valid form of photo ID, or refuse to have your ID scanned, then you will be refused entry. To speed up the process, it helps if you have your ID ready to go when you reach the head of the queue.

Scanners & Your Privacy

There is a lot of regulation and legislation surrounding the use of scanners and how your personal information is collected and used after your ID has been scanned. Each venue will have information displayed at the entrance, and each operator should be able to answer your concerns.

Access to your information is restricted to a limited number of people, and the scanning system will automatically delete scanned personal information after 30 days.

Need further information?

For more information about ID scanning in licensed venues, visit

If you have any general questions, give the Lone Wolf Security team a call on 0497 216 291 or email

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